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Buenas Nuevas (Good News) in Cuba    

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba – In 1953, Paul & Vera Northrup began a church in this central province of the island and called it Iglesia Las Buenas Nuevas (The Good News Church).  Paul registered the church in Cuba as a religious association in order to include the various missions in nearby towns that sprang out of the church.  From 1959, through the early, difficult years of the new Revolutionary government, other independent evangelical churches joined the Buenas Nuevas — Good News Association.  Over the years, God has blessed this denomination and today it continues to flourish, with 70 churches and more than 100 house churches, covering nearly every province of Cuba.  (Thanks to Gospel Relief Mission  for this information).

La Iglesia Volviendo a La Senda Antigua is a proud member church of Asociación Buenas Nuevas. We are grateful to Pastor Juan Carlos Bermudez, President,  and all the leadership of Buenas Nuevas for their love, support, and guidance.